28 October 2013


It's a lovely outfit for a Halloween party. Inspired from those stylish nights with friends thinking about a new trending outfit, sparkling and comfortable. It's absolutely a good choice for being the most original custom of the night. It's a cheap outfit and DIY!!


Here's the video of Topshop's catwalk at London's fashion weekend. The season is spring/autumn and it's really trendy, stylish and I love it! Hope you like the new season as much as I do!!

24 October 2013


Fresh Beach outfit is an outfit for those dates with friends outside the city with a nice weather. The ray-bans +the hat+ sandals.. makes it fresh and beautiful. The red lipstick is a very important to make this outfit special. You are going to look elegant with the golden color and more sparkling.


Color Striped is inspired for those days of hot weather or maybe some vacations. It's a beautiful, fresh and cute outfit to go and be free to make many activities down the sun. The glasses are the most beautiful part of the outfit+ the pink/orange combination of clothes. I specially like the stripped leggins, they make you feel comfortable without loosing the style. It's a good choice for a weekend at the beach.


Casual city.. This outfit is inspired for those days that you that you go out to take a walk around the city, to chill with friends or just to go and take a coffee. I like it because I think it's comfortable and fresh. I think the most important accessory to get out of the ordinary, are the shoes from TopShop. The outfit is not really expensive and it makes you feel good.

21 October 2013

This blog is not more than an inspiration for women to feel free and comfortable with their daily dressing. This is a blog where I show how I dress everyday and I really do not think a lot what I should wear that day, I just open the closet and I choose a pair of things with the ones I know I'd feel good and comfortable the whole day, not forgetting the gurly party that we all have. I like to express myself with the way I dress and.. letting and also helping others just with the way I am expressed in an outfit is completely amazing. Hope you enjoy this blog as much as I do and well.. this is me.

 by M.Baish.